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Customized Software Design and Cost-Effective Durability Testing

Industrial Design

Tech Products Group helps make a rough idea into a marketable product that is ready for distribution through our process of software design and durability testing. We specialize in the design and development of telecommunications equipment and we provide the resources you need at every step of the process.

Manufacturing Fields
We are an American company with a full line of design services for electrical, mechanical, and industrial products and our software and packaging development are critical to completing any project. Our customers include companies in a wide array of fields including:

• Telecommunications
• Voting Equipment
• Commuter Seating

• Computer Peripherals
• Consumer Accessories
• Landscape Products
• Sports Equipment
Product Development
A key part of delivering a product to market quickly and on budget is the mechanical and electrical development of the design. With our design partners, Tech Products Group is proud to offer the following services:

• Industrial Design
• Mechanical Design
• Electrical and Software Design

• Finite Element Analysis
• Product Redesigns for More Pleasing Aesthetics,
  Lowering Costs, Improving Quality
• Manufacturing and Testing Specifications
• Packaging Consultation (Design and Durability
Contact us for durability testing, and software design that help you develop your next groundbreaking product.